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Fred DeMarse

Fred started studying Highland Dancing in 1988 after completing his studies at UC-Berkeley in Chemical Engineering. He has competed and performed throughout North America. His dance-related travels have taken him to Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom, throughout the rest of Europe, and all around North America.

Fred earned his teaching certificate in 1995 and is a Fellow of the British Association of Teachers of Dance (BATD). After retiring from competitive Highland Dancing, Fred passed his Highland Dance judging qualifications and joined the Scottish Official Board’s World-Wide Judging Panel in 2003. He has judged and taught workshops throughout North America and has successfully trained Highland Dance candidates for their teaching credentials since 1998.

Catherine MacDougall

Catherine began Highland dancing in 2001 at age 6. Despite teaching she still actively competes in Highland dancing. Catherine has competed in the United States, Canada and Scotland. She has qualified for the United States Championship three times (most recently 2016) and has twice competed at the World Championships in Cowal, Scotland.

Catherine earned her teaching certificate in 2013 and is a full member of the British Association of Teachers of Dance (BATD).

Lawren Wylie

Lawren started Highland dancing at the age of five. She first began under the tutelage of Peggy Willison. At the age of nine, Lawren became a full-time student with Linda Armstrong's school of dance.

Per the highlights of her nationally competitive career, Lawren won a total of five championships and seven overall special dance challenges. She was a six time qualifier for the U.S. Championships, with a personal best of First Runner-up in 2004's national competition. On the international stage, Lawren was also a 2005 qualifier for the Cowal World Championship finals; she continued regular competition throughout the U.S., Canada, and Scotland until 2008.

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